[Solved] Error Loading Operating System – Windows XP,7,8 or 10

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Error Loading Operating System
Error Loading Operating System – Windows XP,7,8 or 10 : The following “error loading operating system” error appears when computer restarts and install the operating system. Then something is wrong and error show in black screen. If you are facing this error, you can’t get windows desktop screen. It means system creates problems in BIOS and CMOS. You can resolve your issue with following steps.

Causes For Error Loading Operating System

1. The motherboard does not support hard disk.

2. There is a major issue with the hard drive’s partitions.

Solution 1

1. Boot Your Operating System

2. Select recover option on your System

3. Open command prompt and Type Bootrec.exe/FixMbr

4. Restart Your Computer

There is perfect option for boot loader repaired and no data lost.

Solution 2

1. Restart your system

2. Open BIOS Panel by pressing Crtl+alt+del

3. Change Boot device SATA disk to CD/DVD drive

I think above solutions helps to solve your Error Loading Operating System problem.

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