[Solved] Fix LCD Monitor Flickering/Blinking Problem in Windows 7 or 10

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Fix LCD Monitor Flickering/Blinking Problem
Fix Laptop LCD monitor flickering/blinking problem in Samsung, AOC, LG, Philips and Acer Screens.

Computer monitor screen flickering problem appears when you change the operating system and change the display resolution. When screen flicker, then horizontal lines show on computer display. Many people are facing the following flickering problem and don’t know what the reason behind it. Some change the monitor screen, but it is not solution¬†for this issue, don’t worry, it is not a big problem. Follow simple steps and fix your problem.

Causes For LCD Monitor Flickering/Blinking Problem

The main causes for LCD monitor flickering is display driver and computer screen resolution.

Fix LCD Monitor Flickering/Blinking Problem

Follow below simple steps and fix screen flickering problem.

Step 1

Click on Start button

Step 2

Go to Control Panel and click on Appearance and Personalization

Step 3

Click on Display and click on Change Display Settings

Step 4

After that Screen Resolution box appears and click on Advanced Settings

Step 5

Another small window will be open and click on Monitor tab

Step 6

Change the Screen Refresh Rate to high value.

Step 7

Close all windows and Restart your system.

I think if you follow above steps, then hopefully you fix the LCD monitor flickering/blinking problem.


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